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Do You Ever Have Problems Gripping The Club?

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By: Chris Counts, Senior Writer

Announcer #1 "Counts has got a five-iron from 170 out. This should be no problem."

Announcer #2 "Good looking backswing and oh that was ugly."

Announcer #1 "Yeah the club just slipped. The players are having a really tough time with all the light rain coming down."

Although I would certainly never hear television announcers commenting on my skill with a golf club, this was made to show a point. When it comes to rain, perspiration, and humidity, professional golfers are as human as you and me. They don't have palms of sand. In fact, when you consider the pressure that these guys face every tournament, with thousands of dollars on the line, their tendency is to sweat even more than the regular golfer. To put it simply, wet clubs do not discriminate. If there is the least bit of wetness between your hands and the grip, you're just not going to perform as well.

Now I've tried a lot of options, such as toting a towel around with me, or switching between multiple gloves during a round. Neither of these seem to ever truly do the trick. Then one day my golfing partner introduced me to a tiny little bottle of liquid called Dry Hands. I remember that the rain just wouldn't stop, but like most of us know, we were in no mood to let rain stop us from playing. I resisted the temptation of Dry Hands at first and concentrated on my towel and plethora of gloves to keep me dry. One problem, I wasn't able to consistently keep a good grip on the club. So I gave in to technology. From that moment on my golf game changed. No longer do I have to worry about holding on to the golf club. I now only worry about the game. That's enough worrying by itself. Dry Hands has taken a strong grip on the golfing world. Players from professional to amateur, from the USA to Europe are now experiencing the pleasure of "slip-free golf."

A couple of drops is all that is needed to keep your hands moisture free and with no greasy residue.

Top golfing authorities such as Golf Digest and Golf Illustrated have sung the praises of this revolutionary product, and it has been turning heads at golf shows from one side of the country to the other. Dry Hands was even selected as "one of America's best new products" by QVC Shopping Network, the world's largest electronic retailer.

The media attention devoted to Dry Hands is a safe sign of its effectiveness and value to any golfer. And while it works wonders for golf, the product can also be used for tennis, bowling, baseball, football, and weigh/lifting, or anything you can think of, work or play. But hey, don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself by calling toll free 1-888-Dry-Hands.

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