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The non-sticky gripping
solution for
hot, humid
or rainy conditions.
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"Before Dry Hands we could only treat the symptoms for sweaty palms with wrist bands and tacky grips. Dry Hands actually attacks the problem of perspiration without leaving hands sticky or greasy. We love it."
                                                Jason Noonan, Tennis Professional

"In golf, as in tennis, if you don't have a secure grip, nothing else matters. Dry Hands is a product that actually keeps hands bone dry."
                                              Herrington - The Enthusiasts Catalog

"I was introduced to Dry Hands for the first time at the CVS Golf Classic. It really helped keep my hands dry under the pressure of winning a PGA Tour event."
                            Steve Pate, Winner of the 1998 CVS Golf Classic

"Recently at a long driving exhibition the weather was very hot and humid. I was using Dry Hands and didn't have my grip slip even once."
                   Mike Gorton, former National Long Driving Champion

I have been playing golf for the past 12 years and have fought sweaty palms from day 1. "DRY HANDS" has enabled me to play an entire round with 1 glove. You have a great product here, thanks "DRY HANDS".
     Doug Barber

My hands perspire a great deal when I play golf, not only from the weather, but just from the nerves with the competition. I put on a few drops of "Dry Hands" and I was amazed at how my hands stayed dry. It was like I put on a new glove!
     Larry E. Jackson

I live in Flordia & the weather here is very hot & humid. I applied "Dry Hands" and my grip was excellent. The product is clean and washes right off.
     Leonard C Lowe

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