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The non-sticky gripping
solution for
hot, humid
or rainy conditions.
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Revolutionary New Product and the Experts Agree

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Baton Rouge, LA - Nelson Sports Products, Inc. has introduced what many experts already believe is the most significant new product to impact the "grip" in sports today. The name of the product is called Dry Hands, and it has found a market in those who are constantly fighting grip problems caused by perspiration or rain.

Dry Hands is the first performance enhancing solution to alleviate grip problems caused by perspiration or rain. Just a few drops keeps hands dry in hot, humid or rainy conditions, yet it leaves no powdery mess or sticky greasy residue. The gripping ability is unsurpassed since there is no moisture between you and the club you are gripping.

Nelson Sports Products, Inc. of officially launched the marketing of the product at the 1997 PGA Show in Orlando. Bob Nelson, President of NSP Inc., said, "Dry Hands was a major hit at the PGA Show. Everyone who tried the product, their eyes lit up. Immediately following the show, we received faxes from all over the world. In fact, we just completed our first shipment overseas."

In less than a year, Dry Hands has quickly gained national recognition. In addition to being selected one of America's Best New Products by QVC Shopping Network, the world's largest electronic retailer, Dry Hands has received excellent reviews in several national golf publications including the May issue of Golf Magazine where Dry Hands earned an impressive star.gif (927 bytes)star.gif (927 bytes)star.gif (927 bytes)star.gif (927 bytes) rating.

The media's reaction to the product has been overwhelming. "We're taking their interest in Dry Hands as a genuine compliment to our product. We know they wouldn't waste time on a new product unless they thought it would be newsworthy to their readers," Nelson said.

Although Dry Hands has primarily focused on the golfing industry, Nelson Sports Products has plans to introduce Dry Hands for all sports where had usage is key to performance.

Dry Hands is available in two ounce bottles that provide over 100 applications. For more information about Dry Hands, contact Bob Nelson, President, toll free 1-888-DRY-HANDS / 1-888-379-4263.

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