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The non-sticky gripping
solution for
hot, humid
or rainy conditions.
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Dry Hands

mag-partners.jpg (8408 bytes)Nelson Sports Products. Dry Hands was developed as the first performance enhancing solution to alleviate grip problems caused by perspiration or rain. After applying a few drops, hands will remain dry in hot, humid or rainy conditions, yet leaves no powdery mess or sticky residue. Suggested retail: $4.97 (1 oz. Bottle). For more information, call 888-DRY-HANDS or visit their website at www.dryhands.com.

Brooke Samuelson, Old Saybrook, CT. "I used Dry Hands prior to playing a round on a humid day and it kept my hands from slipping. This product will really help players whose grips are worn. It will also keep your hands dry in rainy conditions."

Greg Humes, East Pittsburgh, PA. "I applied Dry Hands and put my glove on. Even though it was hot and sticky, my hands did not perspire at all. When I finished the round, both the glove and my hand underneath were bone dry."

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